I am a 3d modeler who is eager to launch a fulfilling career in the video game industry and looking to find a position within a studio where I can grow in a team environment and offer my skills as an artist.

I am driven by imagination and greatly fascinated by creature and character design. My passion for this field and my love of games compels me to pursue this challenging career.

I am focused, diligent, observant, and able to receive and offer constructive criticism. I work well with a group and on my own. I am organized, passionate about the industry, and always striving to improve my abilities.

Resume.pdf          Resume.doc

My Trade skills in include:

  • High poly modeling and sculpting
  • Low poly modeling
  • Organic and hard surface modeling
  • UV mapping
  • Texture painting
  • Map generation and composition
  • Simple rigging and animation
  • Anatomy

Personal skills:

  • Able to offer and accept constructive feedback
  • Able to work well in a group and alone
  • Friendly disposition with a fun sense of humor
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Focused and diligent
  • Proactive and motivated
  • Passionate and devoted to my work
  • Always striving for improvement and excellence

My current workflow involves:

  • Zbush for most of my modeling and texture work
  • 3ds max for UV map layouts
  • Xnormal for texture baking and map generation
  • Photoshop for layer pass composition and adjustments

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